Koc holding companies

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Kuwait Oil Company

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The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is an oil company headquartered in Ahmadi, usagiftsshops.com is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, a Government-owned holding usagiftsshops.com was world's 10th largest petroleum and other liquids producer inand fifth-largest exporter in terms of volume of crude oil and condensates.

The. Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.Ş., also known simply as Otokar, is a Turkish buses and military vehicles manufacturer headquartered in Sakarya, Turkey and a subsidiary of Koç Holding. Having infused dynamism, innovation and growth into each of its businesses for more than 50 years, Doğan Group of Companies is a driving force behind Turkey’s economy.

Today, the Group’s companies have assumed a leading role in every industry in which they’re present, including media, energy, retail, industrial, real estate marketing.

iLab Ventures, Nisan tarihinde Access Turkey Capital Group bünyesinde, yüksek büyüme potansiyeli olan sektörlerde, şirketlere ve projelere yatırım yapmak üzere kurulan, internet ve teknolojiyi çalışmalarının odağına alan bir.

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Koc holding companies
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